R&S Erection Inc. — Centralized Accounts Division License #285120

Company Background

R&S Erection Inc.'s Centralized Accounts Division gives you a more simplified way of doing business and the convenience of one-stop-shopping. With the ease of one phone call, you receive:

Dispatching – We coordinate all dispatching to the R&S shop closest to your location and/or most appropriate to handle your needs.

Monitoring – Our custom software allows us to provide you with real-time monitoring of service calls, record completion, and arrange follow up as needed.

Billing – You will receive easy, centralized billing.

Support – We're here to serve you 24/7. You can contact us with any questions regarding products or service.

R&S Erection Inc.'s Centralized Accounts Division acts as a central hub for large corporate customers with more than three locations throughout the state of California. With just one phone call, we provide 24/7 service for all doors, docks, gates, and automation systems. Our customers feel secure knowing their corporate hourly rates for maintenance and repair costs will be consistent from location to location.

With over 19 R&S locations throughout the state, our fast and reliable service ensures your business flow isn’t interrupted. As an industry-leading provider of door, dock, and gate solutions, we offer extensive product expertise and highly trained technicians.

Our History

R&S is comprised of independently owned and operated service locations, manufacturing facilities, residential and commercial wholesale sectional door distribution centers, and automation companies. For over 58 years, our fully licensed and bonded service companies have repaired and installed doors, docks, gates, and related products for customer's throughout California.

Three rolling steel door manufacturing plants located in Union City and Pomona, California as well as Portland, Oregon supply service doors, counter doors, fire rated doors, and security gate products to both domestic and international markets.

Commercial doors and operators are handled by our wholesale and automation locations throughout California and Oregon.

Motor operators are furnished through the many R&S Automation, Inc. locations and supply all of the Western United States with door and gate motor operators and accessories.

Customized Solutions for Your Facilities R&S is the industry’s leading provider of door, dock, and gate solutions. Our Master Technicians are IDEA Certified and AAADM Certified for doors, gates, and automatic doors. You will have peace knowing your door and gate systems will receive world-class service with one easy call.
Statewide Service
Product Expertise
Easy, Centralized
Highly Trained
Service Technicians
Serving Corporate Accounts
Throughout the State of California
Our extensive network of R&S locations allows us to
provide prompt service for all commercial doors, docks,
gates, and automation systems.